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Choosing the Right Diamond for a Wedding Ring

Celebrating a wedding can be an exciting time for all involved, but if there’s one image that is as iconic as the dress – it’s the ring. Choosing the right wedding ring can be as simple or as elaborate as desired, but for those that are keen to make sure that theirs is as stunning as possible, it can be beneficial to learn a little bit more about diamonds.

What are diamonds?

In a general sense, they are a type of precious stone. As with most gem stones, they are made underground, usually as a result of pressure and heat. But unlike others, diamonds often boast an incredibly high price tag – and this is because they are so much rarer than many other types of precious stone.

Where do diamonds used in wedding rings come from?

According to experts, diamonds are made when pressurised hydro-carbons react with surrounding minerals underground, before being forced closer to the surface as the tectonic plates change shape and shift. As a result, these gems in particular can take thousands of years to be produced – and is part of the reason why they are so expensive.

For centuries it has been traditional for the female in a marriage to receive a wedding ring that is inlayed with a diamond. Although it’s not uncommon for men to also wear these types of jewellery nowadays; their rings will often feature inset stones, as opposed to a woman’s ring that will often have their stone positioned on top of an ‘underbezel’ (which in turn helps to support the claws that house the stone itself).

A lot of thought needs to go in to how diamonds are displayed for rings intended for marriage; and the more skilled the jeweller, the greater the results can be. There are a wide variety of precious metals that can be used to set the gem inside of; namely gold, silver, platinum and occasionally steel. The first three types are the most commonly used, but it’s widely accepted that gold should be the metal of choice for a wedding.

Why are diamonds used in wedding rings?

As far as choosing a ring is concerned, the diamond should be the most important feature to think about. Although most will be polished to an incredible shine and feature a wide variety of facets and angles; they will have all come from the same place – and that’s underground. The clearer the stone and the heavier it is, the more expensive it can be. Some rings featuring these gems can be purchased for a few hundred dollars, while others could cost the buyer thousands (and even tens of thousands) depending on the quality of the diamond and the final finish of the ring itself.

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