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What Can You Expect from a Women’s Retreat in Bali?


Women’s spiritual retreats in Bali are rapidly increasing in popularity amongst those looking to pursue a spiritual journey. The island itself is situated just a short journey from Indonesia and each year, thousands of people flock to its shores to enjoy the laid back lifestyle and relaxing atmosphere that the island emanates. Signing up for a women’s retreat on the island can be a great way to explore one’s spiritual well-being, but what can be expected from these types of centres?

The aspect of religion

Although Buddhism isn’t considered a religion by modern standards (and is instead thought of as a way of life), it’s nonetheless the most popular faith to follow on the island; with 85% of residents practicing the methodology within their lives. The peaceful mantras that define Buddhism have captivated the attention of many individuals and the first thing that you should expect to experience is the Buddhist way of life when undergoing treatments at these types of retreats. Find out more about our online course introduction to Buddhism.

A focus on wellness

Another key point that many Bali spiritual retreats will feature is a focus on wellness. This term relates to the physical-self and to the spiritual one, too. In fact, the term wellness when used in the spiritual sense relates to the way in which an individual is able to cope with the pressures of day to day life; and this is a key topic when undergoing any exercises, meditations and activities provided by these types of centres. You will learn a number of techniques for bringing acceptance into your life including Buddhist meditation and Christian contemplation techniques such as the Serenity Prayer. 

The concept of happiness

Buddhism is widely regarded as one of the most peaceful ways of life in the world and with thousands of people turning to it each year in pursuit of self-awareness and contentment, it should come as no surprise to learn that these types of centres pay extra attention to promoting happiness within one’s life.

Most gurus and teachers will dedicate time to getting to know any women that book themselves into retreats – and as happiness can vary from person to person, being able to work one on one to ensure that a particular persons’ preferences are met can make a huge difference to the types of experiences offered by these retreats.

They say that nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know. This saying has become a mantra within retreats in and around Indonesia. Many of these facilities believe that in order to grow, one must first recognise who they are and in order to achieve that goal; meditation, spirituality, serenity  and wellness must all be pursued in equal measure.

This is why so many flock to retreats each year and not just to escape the confines of everyday life; but to be able to walk away with a sense of self-worth and gratitude that they may not have possessed previously.

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