Yoga Retreats Bali

SINNREICH Magazine travels to Ubud, Bali and joins Jan Green’s Yoga & Wellness Retreat at One World Retreats. This video has been shot with a simple iPhone 6 camera 😉 Just saying. What a beautiful journey and experience it was! Thank you everyone.

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Find out more about our women’s spiritual retreats in Bali. Women’s retreats in Bali are rapidly increasing in popularity amongst those looking to pursue a spiritual journey. The island itself is situated just a short journey from Indonesia and each year, thousands of people flock to its shores to enjoy the laid back lifestyle and relaxing atmosphere that the island emanates. Signing up for a women’s retreat on the island can be a great way to explore one’s spiritual well-being, but what can be expected from these types of centres?

Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Ubud, Bali with Jan Green | One World Retreats,